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hrtg 3013 hrtge 2013 hertg 2013 hertge 2013News from the Edmonton Heritage Day Festival

مقطع فديوا عن بوابه الخيمه العراقيه بالمهرجان Vidio

Iraq is a country with unmatched history. When you visit Iraq, unlike any other country in the world, you feel, taste and smell history. It is indeed the birthplace of Civilization 9,000 years ago, where Age of Empires started, and where we, all of us, moved from prehistory to history. In ancient times, Iraq’s land area was almost equivalent to Mesopotamia, the land between the two great rivers Tigris and Euphrates (Dejla and Furnat in Arabic); which sweep down from the mountains of Turkey to meet 136 km north of the Arabian Gulf, at one of the alleged sites of the Garden of Eden.


Our Menu at the Heritage Day Festival


Meat, mixed vegetables and rice


Ground meat, rice, onions, lemon wrapped in grape leaves


Beef or Chicken, tomato, onion, lettuce, cucumber and pita bread


Grilled slices of spiced ground meat (beef) with sweet sauce and pita bread

Khubiz A’aroog

Bread mixed with ground beef, onions and mild spices


Pastry with crushed walnuts in fillo pastry dipped in honey syrup


Assorted flavors fruit juice

Pop or Water